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Story of modern society as human beings for money and power, despite all the success in any way the most likely to fight. This not only deprived the right to life of other organisms, but also to pollution of the earth completely. Just then, a wealth and power are amazingly strong organization, "Blue Dreams" appeared, they are ideal to protect human ecology, but it means it is highly unusual. Blue Dream is divided into three members to the power rankings, each different from the ordinary people have 』『 magnetic field strength, while the strong first-class also has a general power of God. As the leader of this organization is - Blue Dream. One day, a strong magnetic field strength of the strong sudden, he was only a dream for the destruction of the organization evolved from blue, no one knows his origins, no one can stop him, he has an ocean Bazhe name, he called - sea tiger. Will set off a tidal wave of people, so you must not forget the role, so you can see the call to hit the table. How can you miss. (taken from

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